J-Class Tri-Seal Submersible Pumps

Nixon Electric is pleased to announce that we will now be supplying and installing water pumps for commercial and residential use. We will start getting more options in stock once we get the ball rolling with this exciting new opportunity. If you have any questions or inquiry's, please do not hesitate to contact Dale Nixon at 306-435-2267.

Tri-Seal pumps offer a floating stage with a three seal design to maximize efficiency and water output.

What Is TRI-SEAL Technology?

TRI-SEAL technology was developed by Franklin Electric exclusively for use in the Sandhandler line of submersible pumps. As the name implies, TRI-SEAL involves three-stage protection against grit and abrasives without sacrificing pump efficiency and output.

  • Seal one is a phenolic washer, providing an axial seal that delivers thrust-down protection and prevents against fluid recirculation.
  • Seal two is a captured 300-series stainless steel hub that floats with the impeller rather than remaining stationary, keeping a positive seal at all times.
  • Seal three is a stainless steel impeller eye seal providing a final level of protection against recirculation and wear from pumping abrasives.

    What this means is that all components of the TRI-SEAL filtration pump work together to deliver the best possible pump operation, even in water wells where grit and sand create a problem for conventional devices.